Friday, April 29, 2011

Mother's Day Special!!!

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Our new promo for this Mother's Day!

25% off for 1st Item & 50% off for 2nd piece & so on and applies to all items including dresses, blouses, imported tees, baju kurung, maxi, jubah, batik, pants, inner, legging, pashmina etc

Hurry!! bring your MOMS & show some LOVEss
See U! xoxo

While stock last with terms & conditions apply

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

shashashushi Collections : SALE

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Memunggah stok lama (takde la lama sangat) cuma tak sangka ada lagik balance. Seingatnya dah habis alahai.. salah kira stok kah?

Jadik. tanpa membuang masa, mari kita lelong dgn harga buangan secara terang2an.
All items in good condition, authentic factory items and ready to wear. 
Siapa cepat dia dapat 

 Mini Boden 
Baby Dress. Size: 4
Was: RM59 Now: RM35 including postage!

Baby Dress: Size:  6-9 mths
Was: RM49 Now: RM35 including postage!!

Size: 4-5yrs
Was: RM49 Now: RM35 including postage!!

 Pumpkin Patch
Size: 2 & 3 yrs
Was: RM59 Now: RM35 including postage!!

Long Sleeve. Size: 7/8 - 10/12
Was: RM59 Now: RM40 including postage!!

 S. Oliver
Size: 1-2 yrs
Was: 29 Now: RM20 including postage!!

Simply Basic
Size: 4-5yrs
Was: 29 Now: RM20 including postage!!


No. 1K
Baby Gap 
(soft lavender color, light blue stripe, white collar, long sleeve)
Size: 4yrs (shoulder: 30cm height: 45cm) 
(contemplating, Sami boy muat nih hehe)
  available: 1pc

No. 2K
 Ralph Lauren 
(envy green, short sleeve)
Size : 6 (shoulder: 31cm height: 55cm)
available: 1pc

No. 3K
Pumpkin Patch 
(white color, soft blue green stripe, long sleeve)
Size : 4 (shoulder 36cm height: 50cm)
available : 1pc

No. 4K

 Gap kids
(stripe white blue, long sleeve)
Size : small 6-7 (shoulder 35cm height: 57cm)
available : 1pc

No. 5K

 Gap kids
(checked blue black. short sleeve)
Size : xs 4-5 (shoulder 32cm height: 55cm)
available : 1pc 

No. 6K
 Gap kids
(checked dark blue, dark green, short sleeve)
Size : L 10 (shoulder 40cm height: 67cm)
available : 1pc

WAS: RM49  
NOW: RM35 including postage!!

No. 1T
(brown, blue, yellow stripe)
size: 4yrs (shoulder: 27cm height 45cm)
available: 2pcs

No. 2T
(blue, grey, dark red stripe)
size: 4yrs (shoulder: 30cm height 45cm)
available: 1pc

No. 3T
(bloody red)
size: L (shoulder: 33cm height 47cm)
XL (shoulder: 33cm height 52cm)
available: 1pc each size

NOW: RM25 including postage!!

No. 1 TK
S. Oliver
Size: small (shoulder 25cm height: 37cm)
available: 2pcs

No. 2TK
Spiderman (with hood)
Size: 18mths (shoulder: 26cm height 35cm)
available: 1pc

No. 3TK
Size: small (shoulder: 34cm height: 49cm)
available: 2pcs 1pc left

No. 4TK
Masked Rider
Size: 4 (shoulder: 32cm height: 46cm)
available: 3pcs (diff image)  all sold out

NOW: RM19 including postage!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Jumper : Long & Short Jumpsuit - sold out

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New Jumpsuit

 Long Jumpsuit 

No.1 White polka dot (3 quarter pants)

No. 2  (3quarter pants) SOLD

No. 3 White Collar (long pants)

 No. 4 Polka Dot Collar (grey, long pants) SOLD

 No. 5 Dark Blue Polka Dot (long pants)

No. 6 Grey Polka Dot (3quarter pants) SOLD

No. 7 Horizontal Stripe, Big pants

No. 8 Belt Stripe (3quarter pants) sold

Long Jumpsuit 
Material: Cotton Size: Free size (small - medium)
Promo Price: RM69.90 including postage

 Short Jumpsuit

No. 1 Red Stripe (skirt)

No. 2 Blue (Skirt) - SOLD

No. 3 Grey (skirt)

No. 4 Blue Grey (skirt) SOLD

Short Jumpsuit (all skirt)
Material: Cotton Size: free (small to medium)
Promo Price: RM49.90 including postage

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