Saturday, June 26, 2010

Raya Stock

Posted by Ely Hasrul at 11:59 PM

Last friday Kak Kiya was kind enough invited us to display our collection for her customer day. Thank you so much Kak Kiya. Great opportunity to promo & gain experience. Paling tak tahan it's free :D. The main purpose is to get the exposure and mencantekkan lagik majlis hihi. Due to the conflict of interest, i need to do it all alone (terus nak nyanyi all by myself), kakak came around 6pm & we are totally strangers and because of its fall on Friday, Papi tak dapat tolong. Oh yeah sumpah penat.

The theme was World Cup siap all the poco2 dancer pon pakai sneakers hihihi. Sedikit gambar...

install 2 rack. up to 100psg baju..huish no wonder lah

tinggal separuh name card

jom berpoco-poco

The manager

Actually we did not expect to sell anything, the reason Kak Kiya invited us as she just wanna give her customer more choices and introduction for us. Just my luck that her customer and branch staff loves our collection. Alhamdulillah. Big grin. To all MBB Bandar Puteri staff, discount nye masih ada ya.. :P

Love note: why my kakak didnt invite me for her customer appreciation? i should take off her name from the bisnes card then (hehehe dengki)


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