Monday, November 1, 2010

Promo Entry :

Posted by Ely Hasrul at 2:32 PM

Do you want to enjoy a cake that taste happiness and without worrying of gaining weight?

Definitely a Diaper Cake from TWS!

My friend Zura is the talented & creative mom who starts with the idea of giving Diaper Cake for newborn mom & baby (yup, you can say you are a newborn mom, for every child! as different child different charaters and challenge, ok lari topik)

Back to TWS, as far as i remember, she started the project last year and i just so in love with her cute cake!. using a quality material, with reasonable price and i'm pretty sure she bake it with love. how do i know? coz i already tasted it!

Last May i ordered for our dear friend in Jakarta with fussy request (ehem sometimes i want to be a drama queen) and she send it just the way i imagine (we have to fit it in the luggage) and believed me that little Dakka in Jakarta is so please to receive it. I did promised her to take the pics unfortunately as we travel back n forth and as our friend are so excited eating the cake instantly we didnt managed to take any pics (sorry babe, no pic :(( , but i hope i can replace it by this entry err after 6mths? i know i know.. really susah to get friend of the year award haha)

From time to time, i'm spying this cute mom, she became more and more creatives with the cake. Penting tuh. You really do not want the cake to be the same with others kan?

So for you who definitely not so creative, didnt have time, want to save money (believed me you save a lot!), wants to show so much love, have a limited & exclusive gift, you can order Diaper Cake form TWS and they will send it everywhere you want (at least dalam Malaysia :P)

And can u imagine not even a year her cake has penetrate Jakarta market?
watch out for our little Nadrah in Singapore babe! :P

 ala Dakka suka hippo tau!!

Oh yea, not limited to newborn and diaper cake only,
she also make for birthdays, party packs,  cards etc.
Do check her site ya!!



Drama Mama on November 1, 2010 at 8:36 PM said...

thanks a lot for the promo babe! i owe you one. :-)

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