Monday, February 7, 2011

Imported T- Shirt : Off Season

Posted by Ely Hasrul at 11:06 AM

We have more than 200pcs new Imported T-Shirts for different Brand including Angelo Litrico, Baleno, H&M, T&T, Cherokee, Jan Paulsen, Lucky Luke, Disney, World Cup series, Le Coq Sportif, CANDA, The Simpsons, Maui & Sons and more rare brand. All of them are off season but of course authentic. The size from small (s) - extra large (XL) and some of the shirts are unisex and most of them are really nice to fit a six pack hot body

They price at only RM39 per piece and sale at 3pcs for RM100

and yes, postage included!


no.1 F&F

no. 2 angelo litrico

no. 3 le coq sportif

 no. 4 baleno

no. 5 le coq sportif

no. 6

no. 7 lucky luke

no. 8 angelo litrico

no. 9

 no. 10

no. 11 le coq (yellow)

 no. 12 angelo litrico

no. 13

no. 14 maui & sons

no. 15

no. 16

no. 17

no. 18

no. 19

no. 20

 no. 21

no. 22

no. 22 mexx

no. 23

no. 24

no. 25

no. 26

no. 27

no. 28

no. 29

no. 30

 no. 31

no. 32

no. 33


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