Sunday, July 11, 2010

Pos Malaysia New Tariff

Posted by Ely Hasrul at 2:17 AM
My childhood fren aka my bestfren has sent me an email update on Pos Malaysia new tariff (even you can see most of online bisnes owner has declare the new postage charges). At first, eventho i'm doing the same online bisnes i'm ignoring the update as for me the free postage or flat rate given is one of my services for my lovely shoppers BUT after giving more discount and min postage charges i'm started to give second thought (i mean plus the increasing charges & my own mileage huyuh)

Next week i'm gonna check the mall whether they have Pos Malaysia service, if the office just near our booth i think i'll still giving the flat rate or else terpaksalah kite charge sikit ye... :D

Love note: this couple of weeks the price will continously fluctuate (all depends on demand). Pls do not hesitate to text me for any enquiries. xoxo


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